Top Styles for Business Casual Women Today

Business casual is a common dress code for offices around the country Styles. Basically, it is meant to be a hybrid between formal business wear and casual attire. So a full business suit is not usually necessary, but your basic jeans-and-t-shirt weekend look isn’t appropriate either. So what exactly is appropriate? Business casual styles for women can vary depending on your office. If you work in a very traditional industry or regularly meet with clients who tend to be a bit old fashioned, you may want to dress a bit more formal than someone working at a tech startup. If you’re looking for a more specific outline of what that means, here are some guidelines for business casual women’s wear. Understated blouses, sweaters and button-up shirts are all usually acceptable in a business casual environment. In general, it’s a good idea to go with a fairly modest silhouette, and nothing too tight. Neutral or dark colors are also fairly common in professional environments, though a shirt can be a good opportunity to add a pop of color, as long as the rest of your outfit is fairly neutral. You can also layer a blazer or cardigan over your top for a look with more depth. A blazer can also help to dress up an outfit if you have a more formal office or are meeting with clients. Generally, it’s best to stay away from basic t-shirts. But in some more casual environments they may be okay when paired with a blazer or cardigan. You should also steer clear of tank tops, halters, plunging necklines and any shirts with text or prominent images on them.

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